Clio Sports Award

So honored to be the photographer for the Clio Sports Award 2015. I think it meant so much more to me because I'm in the industry myself and I know how much hard work and effort is put into each and every single piece of the campaigns that got nominated and won that night.  Congrats to all the great creative work achieved around the globe!  View more highlight photos of the night with descriptions in link below:

California Dreamin'

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in awhile, so I'm going to take this time to post some personal work from my fairly recent trip to California. This is my sister, Kimberly! I make her model for me all the time - because she's so good at it! Here are some of my favorite portrait shots of her on Venice Beach.  Some simple tips on shooting unique portraits or just directing/posing people in general:


1. Breaking the Ice! Got to make the subject feel comfortable.  And composite-wise, you can also break the grid (in how you choose to compose the subject in the camera), I tend to like more white spaces.

2. I knew I didn't want a typical shot of someone just posing on the beach, so instead I told Kim to act a little silly and out of character and while she's doing that, I wait and shoot all the candid moments of that.  (They may be a little shy at first..)

But eventually, they warm up and get into character (I have no idea what she's doing here but it's pretty funny).

3. And that second later when she's completely embarrassed and realizes what she's actually doing, I make sure I'm ready to capture that best laughter and goofiness.  

And there, a beautiful moment captured!  This was one of my favorite shots of her on the beach.  Happy shooting!

The Art of Ballet

I have a love for ballet.  When Classpass commissioned me to shoot Joffrey Ballet School, I was more than ecstatic.  Something about ballet just makes me feel at peace.  Maybe it's the classical music, maybe it's the delicate form and movements but more than that, it's a dance about discipline and beauty.  Which is something I'm learning and striving for more of in this journey called life.  Striving for beauty and discipline all the time is hard, but just like dance, when we falter, we have to get back up and try again.

Roman's 1st Birthday Party

Luncheon at Chart House Restaurant, NJ

I met Ange and Eddie from a recent shoot for their packaging company called Think Package.   Just like their work, the reception was filled with beautiful details and their creative vision for throwing a party just match with what I envisioned.  It was a nice winter afternoon in New Jersey and they picked the perfect venue with a room that has gorgeous sunlight.  The place was filled with guests and loved ones, kids roaming around and you see burst of creative energy everywhere.  I loved how they thought of everything, even down to having a coloring station for the kids.  And to top it off, photographing baby Roman was a very enjoyable experience as he's a natural in front of the camera, especially with his wide range of expressions. It makes my job that much more fun.  Happy 1st birthday to Roman!

Venue: Chart House, NJ
Design/Planning: Little Confetti Events


Street Style Photography

I got the chance recently to work with stylist and fashion blogger Jenny Greenstein from Your Soul Style.  Her style is 'urban boho or classic mixed with an edge'.  We shot around the NYU neighborhood during a brisk Fall afternoon in early November, learn more about her outfit choices here.

Summer Is Officially Over

The summer season is my favorite time of the year, maybe because I was born during the winter and always felt like the cold lingers for more than the greater half of the year.  We did another photoshoot in the park with accents of summer still in the air.  In honor of the best source of Vitamin D provider, we salute you with some floral prints to shorts with sunglasses.  Summer, you will be missed!

New York Fashion Week

In spirit of NYFW last week, we recently did a fashion photoshoot of our own.  Victoria sported a sexy LBD, animal print jacket and black pumps. We shot down at this grungy looking Long Island Railroad station in Queens - it was the perfect location for her outfit, and V knows how to strut her stuff!


Lavender Field

     ' [The word of the LORD is perfect],
They are more precious than gold, 
than much pure gold; 
       they are sweeter than honey, 
       than honey from the comb. '

- Psalm 19:10

Film, Polaroid, and Beyond

I'm excited to say that I am finally learning film!  I made my dad dig up his old film and Polaroid camera.  The Minolta was a bit old and buttons were messed up so I had to bring it to a camera repair shop but it just came back and I'm so excited to use it this weekend!  And remember those polaroid films? Well, this group known as Impossible makes Color Polaroid Frames!

The transition of the camera models through out the decades...just missing my iPhone but I was using it to take this photo. :P

Wanderlust Series - Europe (U.K & France)

Who can argue that Europe isn't beautiful?  I fell in love with everything when I went to Europe this past month.  Here's a glimpse of their lifestyle, food, and historic landmarks.


London, UK

Regency Cafe is a famous brunch place that people line up for everyday; whether you're a tourist or a local worker, it's worth the wait.  The cafe has also been used as a filming location and their prices are unbeatable for the portions they give.

Their version of bacon, sausage, egg, toast and hash browns (with beans) - so good!

Kensington Palace (residence of the British Royal Family)

So apparently, I didn't know this was some sort of UK Embassy property and I got in trouble for taking photos - almost got my camera confiscated.  Why does this always happen to me?

Inside the British Museum


Paris, France