California Dreamin’

Hey everyone, I haven’t posted in awhile, so I’m going to take this time to post some personal work from my fairly recent trip to California. This is my sister, Kimberly! I make her model for me all the time – because she’s so good at it! Here are some of my favorite portrait shots of her on Venice Beach.  Some simple tips on shooting unique portraits or just directing/posing people in general:

1. Breaking the Ice! Got to make the subject feel comfortable.  And composite-wise, you can also break the grid (in how you choose to compose the subject in the camera), I tend to like more white spaces.

2. I knew I didn’t want a typical shot of someone just posing on the beach, so instead I told Kim to act a little silly and out of character and while she’s doing that, I wait and shoot all the candid moments of that.  (They may be a little shy at first..)

But eventually, they warm up and get into character (I have no idea what she’s doing here but it’s pretty funny).

3. And that second later when she’s completely embarrassed and realizes what she’s actually doing, I make sure I’m ready to capture that best laughter and goofiness.

And there, a beautiful moment captured!  This was one of my favorite shots of her on the beach.  Happy shooting!