Wanderlust Series – Europe (U.K & France)

Who can argue that Europe isn’t beautiful?  I fell in love with everything when I went to Europe this past month.  Here’s a glimpse of their lifestyle, food, and historic landmarks.

London, UK

Regency Cafe is a famous brunch place that people line up for everyday; whether you’re a tourist or a local worker, it’s worth the wait.  The cafe has also been used as a filming location and their prices are unbeatable for the portions they give.

Their version of bacon, sausage, egg, toast and hash browns (with beans) – so good!

Kensington Palace (residence of the British Royal Family)

So apparently, I didn’t know this was some sort of UK Embassy property and I got in trouble for taking photos – almost got my camera confiscated.  Why does this always happen to me?

Inside the British Museum

Paris, France